MSc in Cyberpsychology at IADT

Study an MSc in Cyberpsychology at IADT, which is the study of the human mind and behaviour in the context of how people interact with technology. It examines all psychological phenomena that are associated with or affected by emerging technology. Cyberpsychology also considers the impact of new technologies on users, from the latest mobile devices and gaming systems, to high-end virtual reality equipment in our four-walled immersive system.
The programme aims to provide graduates with an in-depth understanding of how humans interact with technology and in online environments. For example, what motivates people in online settings – including online shopping, dating and gaming? Why do some people become ‘addicted’ to the Internet? What motivates cyber criminals? How do students learn effectively online and how can organisations best utilise the Internet?
The programme is suitable for anyone who wonders what the psychological basis is for cyberbullying or why social networking sites and online media are so popular.
The knowledge and skills you will acquire will be invaluable in a wide range of careers and activities, and so can be applied to virtually any endeavour related to technology.
Graduates have found employment with social networking websites or as usability experts and online investigation specialists. Others have completed the programme to improve their performance in their current employment as journalists, marketing specialists, educators or IT professionals.
Cyberpsychology is an essential area of expertise for anyone who wishes to make the most of online technologies for commercial, educational, organisational or other reasons.
For more information check out IADT’s website or contact:
Celine Blacow
Phone: +353 1 239 4664

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