Mechanical Engineering in Ireland

College of Engineering & Informatics, School of Engineering & Informatics The MSc is a 12-month, 90 ECTS Level 9 Masters in Mechanical Engineering, which will take engineering (BE) and closely-related graduates to an advanced level of mechanical engineering capability, focusing on advanced design, analysis, materials and manufacture via state-of-the-art technology. The programme is designed to meet the international demand for Level 9 qualifications. This course offers a broad range of advanced engineering modules, including

publication of the research findings. Each MSc project focuses on a current ‘hot topic’ in mechanical engineering industry and is carried out in collaboration with industry partners.

Career Opportunities

  • Mechanical engineering industry (e.g., power generation, renewable energy, machine tool manufacture, equipment manufacture, transport and aerospace industry, traditional and advanced manufacturing industries, offshore oil and gas industry)
  • Biomedical engineering industry (e.g., medical device research and development)
  • Engineering management
  • Software (engineering) development
  • Engineering consultancy
  • Further advanced research (e.g., PhD)

University of Limerick

This programme provides a detailed knowledge of advanced methods in Mechanical Engineering including theoretical foundations, computational and experimental methods and engineering applications.
Programme Aims:
  • To equip graduates with a detailed knowledge of advanced methods in mechanical engineering, including theoretical foundations, computational and experimental methods and engineering applications.
  • To meet industrial need for graduates with the above qualities at a Master’s level.
  • To increase awareness of the opportunities offered by current research in Mechanical Engineering and its application to current practice.
  • To fulfill the Engineers Ireland requirements for a Master’s degree in an engineering discipline as a minimum educational standard for Chartered Engineer status.
  • To enhance graduates’ existing educational base and employment prospects.

    mechanical engineering masters

This programme (ME) is designed to provide mechanical engineering graduates, and graduates from closely-related engineering disciplines, with specialised skills and knowledge in mechanical engineering.
The programme consists of 12 taught modules and a Research Project module. The programme focuses on numerical simulation techniques for structural and fluid-flow analyses, renewable and sustainable energy technologies, and biomechanics while also offering modules on innovation and entrepreneurship.
The programme award is a Master of Engineering (ME) Degree, with an option to exit the programme with a Postgraduate Diploma (PgDip). Graduates of the programme will be ideally suited to engage in advanced mechanical engineering research, analysis, and design.
Career Opportunities
Graduates of the programme will be ideally suited to engage in advanced mechanical engineering research, analysis, and design.
mechanical engineering masters
The programme (MEng) has been developed to address the need for both new graduates and existing engineers to acquired advanced competencies in computational methods, analytical methods, and design.
The EGFSN/Forfás Report: Future Skills Requirements of the Manufacturing Sector to 2020 report published in 2013 has identified shortages of Mechanical Engineers at level 9 with specialist skills in design and development, control and automation, and management of innovation in the manufacturing, pharmaceutical and biomedical sectors. This programme will address these shortages.
Specifically, this programme of study is designed to progress your qualifications in the following ways:
  • Deepen your technical knowledge, skills and competencies in the core field of Mechanical Engineering through modules in computational methods in solids and fluids, control engineering, and industrial heat and power.
  • Deliver specialist knowledge in areas such as integrated design and process modelling and lean sigma.
  • Enhance your knowledge and entrepreneurship through strategic business management and managing innovation.
  • Enable you to carry out in depth research in an industrially focused sector of Mechanical Engineering through specialist modules in research skills, project realisation, and thesis preparation.

    mechanical engineering masters

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