Biomedical Science in Ireland

What is Biomedical Science?
Biomedical Science is the study of Life Science subjects related to human health and disease. Students will learn about the structure and function of the human body from the level of organs and tissues to the molecular level, as well as how drugs are used to treat disease. You will major in one of the following biomedical science subjects: Anatomy, Biochemistry, Pharmacology or Physiology.
Biomedical Scientists work in partnership with doctors and other health healthcare professionals in investigating samples of tissue and body fluids in order to diagnose disease and monitor patient treatments.
Biomedical Science is a continually changing dynamic profession and involves study of the diverse areas of medical science including biochemistry, microbiology, cellular pathology, haematology and transfusion science. It provides training in cutting-edge technologies to facilitate investigation of disease and medical research.
Why should I study Biomedical Science?
This course will appeal to those with a keen interest in science and in how research and technology can impact on human health. You will learn how scientifically driven investigations can advance our knowledge of disease prevention, detection and treatment. The programme will immerse you in modern medical and biological sciences, and focus on the application of scientific developments.
Further Education
A high proportion of graduates pursue higher degrees (MSc or PhD) at universities at home and abroad, in many diverse areas including molecular and cell biology, cancer, genetics, regenerative medicine and neuroscience.  A proportion of graduates go on to study for professional degrees in the Health Sciences (e.g. Medicine, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy).
Career Options
There are many opportunities for Biomedical Science graduates in both diagnostic Pathology laboratories in the Health Service and in research laboratories. Graduates of this degree have completed both the Clinical Laboratory Placement and honours degree in Biomedical Science, which are required for eligibility to practice as a medical scientist in Clinical Pathology Laboratories in Ireland [Department of Health and Children Regulations]. This degree is also recognised for employment in Private Pathology and Research laboratories, and for Biomedical Science positions worldwide.
Biomedical Science prepares the student for a career in laboratory medicine and related areas in the health-care industry and biopharmaceutical industry. Biomedical Science graduates work as Medical Scientists in hospitals, and in research, the biopharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, public health and sales and marketing of medical products.
Potential Areas of Employment
  • Medical Scientist in hospitals
  • Biopharmaceutical & Biotechnology industries
  • Public health
  • Sales & Marketing of medical products

Biomedical science

NUI Galway
Dr Derek Morris Programme Director College of Science T: +353 91 494 439 E:
School of Biological Sciences
T: 01 402 4562 (School Office)
Ms Nadia D’alton
Health Sciences Programme Office Director
T: +353 1 716 6658
Dr. Sinead Kerins,
T: 021 420 5417
Michael Healy E: T: 021 433 5407
IT Sligo
Contact Number: 071-9318510 Email:

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