Ireland – The Land of Saints and Scholars

Renowned for its history in Education - Ireland is known as 'The Land of Saints and Scholars'. Throughout the world Ireland is known for its education excellence. The people of Ireland are a curious breed.  Everywhere you go in Ireland, you will find a genuine and deep-seated love of learning! The history behind the phrase... Continue Reading →

Ireland – Research & Grants

The success of Ireland’s focused efforts have resulted in the country’s status as the leading cluster for medical device and diagnostic products globally, the second largest exporter of medical devices in Europe, and the home of 15 of the top 20 medical device companies. Knowledge Transfer Ireland: Resources for International Researchers and Institutions in Any... Continue Reading →

UL Researcher Develops Mathematical Technique Which Will Better Predict the Spread of Epidemics

University of Limerick based researcher, Professor James Gleeson has invented a new mathematical technique which analyses and predicts the outcome of dynamic changes on large-scale networks. This new technique will provide more accurate prediction of a diverse range of spreading phenomena such as epidemics, computer viruses and social media trends. Professor Gleeson’s paper entitled ‘High-accuracy... Continue Reading →

Major Scientific Discovery on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Irish and UK Scientists Explore Uncharted Deep Sea Vent Field. New Life Forms Filmed for Upcoming National Geographic Channel Series. The Irish-led VENTuRE scientific expedition aboard the national research vessel RV Celtic Explorer has discovered a previously uncharted field of hydrothermal vents along the mid-Atlantic ridge – the first to be explored north of the... Continue Reading →

Dublin Institute of Technology announces new research collaboration with Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) and the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras have been awarded funding for a two year joint research project to develop new biomedical sensors, based on polymer optical fibres. The collaboration is supported by the Programme of Co-operation on Science and Technology, signed by the Irish and Indian Governments in... Continue Reading →

UL, NUI Galway and UCC Partner in Innovative Biomedical Engineering and Regenerative Medicine PhD

Research in the area of Biomedical Engineering and Regenerative Medicine will be furthered through the launch of a structured PhD Programme in the field delivered through the UL - NUI Galway Strategic Alliance and University College Cork. The PhD in Biomedical Engineering and Regenerative Medicine (BMERM) is a collaborative programme involving partner institutions nationally and... Continue Reading →

First Malaysia-Ireland Symposium on Engineering, Science and Business Held at Athlone Institute of Technology

A two-day international symposium on science, engineering and business opens at Athlone Institute of Technology (AIT) The event brings together Irish and Malaysian postgraduate researchers and is organised by AIT and Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP). An international panel of speakers include experts on biomedical science, computer networking, materials engineering, microbiology, social science, as well as... Continue Reading →

Strong commercialisation results at UCD

NovaUCD, the Innovation and Technology Transfer Centre at University College Dublin, has reported strong commercialisation results for 2010 including 57 new invention disclosures by UCD researchers. The 2010 annual report also lists thirty-eight patent applications, including 14 priority, 9 PCT (patent co-operation treaty) and 15 national/regional applications. The patents were filed for intellectual property arising... Continue Reading →

Tyndall develops new material to extend life of electronics

Tyndall National Institute in UCC the development of a new nano-material that will dramatically reduce the operating temperature of silicon chip components and circuits, thereby enhancing the reliability and lifetime of electronics in products ranging from smart phones to automotive electronics. The announcement was made at the 2010 International Power Supply on Chip Workshop in... Continue Reading →

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