The Best Ways to Escape Dublin

The World of Trinity

By Sydne Tursky

Dublin is a great city. There are plenty of things to do, from festivals to great markets to the plethora of crazy university events that are always on. The sunsets from the bridges on the Liffey are gorgeous, and Irish people are just grand.

But … It has a few downfalls too, like any city does. It doesn’t always smell the best. On weekend mornings, the streets sometimes have drunken detritus from the night before. Crossing the street is hard because no one seems to be overly concerned with following the traffic rules. Dublin is still amazing, and I am still so glad I live here, but sometimes I need a break.

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Sweet Sweet Study Abroad – Exploring Dublin’s Desserts

The World of Trinity

By Abigail Borges [Visiting Student Blogger]

Sometimes, school is hard. As a firm believer in the power of chocolate, one of the ways I like to get away from class, apart from exploring castles and cathedrals, is indulging a bit in the many sweet(s) opportunities around the city. Maybe you’ve been working hard on a paper all day and need a break, or just escaped a taxing exam, or maybe you’re waking up from a late night of studying and need a perfect pick-me-up. Really, whenever you need it, sweets will be there for you in Dublin, and here are some of the best (click the links and get ready to drool).

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Eurotravel: How to see Europe from Dublin

The World of Trinity

By Céline Brandstötter [Visiting Student Blogger]

You will meet a lot of students on exchange who have plans to travel around Europe. People’s excitement to travel is contagious, so you will definitely also want to travel. However, student budgets are small and you will want to get the most out of your trips. Living in Ireland has many advantages and one of them is Ryanair, the low-cost Irish flight company that can bring you to almost every place in Europe, so definitely make sure to check out their website. For low-cost housing options, see Hostel World and Airbnb. I have listed my favourite European cities and what I enjoyed the most during my time visiting them.  Hopefully this gives you some tips on what to see, what to eat, and maybe inspire you to visit, too!

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My First Few Months in Dublin!

This gallery contains 11 photos.

Originally posted on DIT International Students Blog:
The idea to study in Dublin came to me quite quickly as it is the only remaining english-speaking country in EU. Moreover, the visa rules in Ireland are much more acceptable for people…

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Balachandar’s Scholarship Story: Indian Scholarships at UL

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Originally posted on Study Ireland – Stories & Tips from International Students:
The University of Limerick offers a number of generous merit based scholarships for Indian students in all faculties. Balachandar received a 50% scholarship to study a Masters in…

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The Best Things About Dublin

The World of Trinity

By Sydne Tursky [Visiting Student Blogger]

As my time in Ireland dwindles down to a matter of days, I find myself ever more appreciative of Dublin. Though I have always loved this city and have been so happy to spend time here, I am realizing more and more how much I have taken it for granted. It has been the home to come back to after gallivanting through central Europe for a week; it has been my lively surroundings during many late-night walks back from the library or a pub; it has been host to many laughs and cries and laughs that turned into cries. But my life here has become a routine, and that means that sometimes I am oblivious to the most wonderful parts of Dublin.

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Top 3 reasons to study MSc Digital Marketing in DIT

DIT International Students Blog

Hong Ling, Centenary scholarship recipient in DIT shared with us why she chose Digital Marketing in DIT and why this is the course to watch out for!


I have always had a passion for Marketing, especially Digital Marketing where we interact with businesses online and study how consumer behaviours have changed with Social Media. I have worked in start-ups for the past 2 years and I see the massive potential in the Digital Marketing field. By choosing to do my masters in Digital Marketing in DIT, I know I have made the right choice.

If you’re interested in enrolling for Digital Marketing in DIT as well, here are my top 3 reasons, from my opinions that you should study in DIT.

  1. The people – lecturers and guest speakershong-ling-image-1

When it comes to the people in Digital Marketing course, all the lecturers are extremely helpful and passionate about Digital Marketing…

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Originally posted on The World of Trinity:
By Sohyun Lim, South Korea [Trinity International Foundation Programme, Pathway A] I came to Ireland at first in June 2015 to learn English and gain some experience living in another country. I wanted…

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Taking Care of Yourself on Exchange

The World of Trinity

By Tatiana Morand, Visiting Student Blogger

Tatiana is a third-year English and Business student from the University of Waterloo in Canada. She’s thrilled to have the chance to travel across Europe and experience the lively literary scene of Dublin.

Going on exchange is a pretty stressful experience. You’re in a completely different country (or even a different continent!), surrounded by new people in a place you’ve never been… I could go on, but I think you see my point.

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The Basic Necessities of Life: Tips for Chinese Students in Ireland

Study Ireland - Stories & Tips from International Students

Xiao Yao is a Chinese student studying abroad at the University of Limerick. Here, she shares her general tips for incoming students to UL. Check out UL’s new website developed specifically for China:

Hello, I am Xiao Yao, a study abroad student from China, and by now, I have been in Limerick for a month. This month is the most amazing one I have ever had in my life, trying new things, making friends both from home and abroad and experiencing different cultures. And now, I really want to share some information and feelings with you.

Our Chinese people always regard “Clothing, Food, Accommodation and Transportation” as the four most basic necessities of life. So in this article, I would like to talk about them one by one.


giphy.gif (900×506)

Before arriving, I heard about the weather in Limerick, which featured much rain. So according to some suggestions, I bought a…

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