Top 5 things to do in Limerick

No. 1 King John's Castle King John's Castle is a 13th-century castle located on King's Island in Limerick, Ireland, next to the River Shannon. Although the site dates back to 922 when the Vikings lived on the Island, the castle itself was built on the orders of King John in 1200. One of the best preserved... Continue Reading →

MSc in Financial Services at UL, Ireland – an international student perspective UL ranked among the top universities for international students @EduIreland #ChooseUL— UL International (@InternationalUL) July 28, 2015 Are you coming to UL in September and looking for off-campus accommodation? Allison Weiner, UL International Ambassador, Allison shares her top tips for finding your home away from home at ULPosted by University of Limerick... Continue Reading →

Limerick: City of Words and Memories, Loss and Triumph, Death and Life

 Renowned Brooklyn born, Limerick raised, author Frank McCourt penned the following in his acclaimed work, Angela’s Ashes: He says, you have to study and learn so that you can make up your own mind about history and everything else but you can’t make up an empty mind. Stock your mind, stock your mind. You might... Continue Reading →

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