Top Five… Apps For Students in Ireland

Top 5 apps


Starting college can be a daunting time, moving to a different country even more so! Moving to a new country can be tough we believe that these apps might help with the little things like, buses, taxi’s, studying and keeping in touch with family we have it sorted!

1. Viber

download (8)

Keeping in touch with family and friends at home can be expensive if they are overseas! But with Viber it is, free! Yes, free!! Free texts, free calls, sorted! And the app itself is also free !

2. Hailo


One of the best apps I’ve downloaded recently is Hailo! This genius app is a taxi booking system where you can either pay by a card on your phone or in cash. And you don’t need to give directions as they can track your exact location! So no more confusing phone calls with taxi drivers!

3. Dublin Bus 


Another favorite of mine! Do you hate waiting on a bus in the rain not knowing  when it is going to appear? Well with this app you can tell exactly (with a real-time system) when the bus is going to pull up at your stop! Allowing you to leave the house in perfect time to catch the bus without huddling under a shelter.

4. Groupon

groupon.jpg 1

If there is one thing we students all love it is cheap/free stuff and with Groupon, that exactly what you get with a selection of discount offers buy one get one free you will always find something you fancy. Let it be a night away down the country or that perfect dinner date Groupon is the way to go!

5. Met Éireann Weather



As you can tell by now the Irish weather is notorious for having all four seasons in one day so you are always in need of an update on the weather! With the Met Éireann app, everything is at your fingertips!


Feel you have experienced something worthy of Top Five… In Ireland? Send them our way, we are always looking for new ideas and your personal opinions. Or if you’re looking for a specific Top Five… In Ireland, catch us on Twitter and share your ideas!


As you can see we know our Apps, but we also know our education! For more information visit,



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