Top Five… Bar’s For Students in…

Right lads, its Friday! That means no college tomorrow, no alarm going off and an epic lie-in in bed!

For me, Friday consists of, struggling though a day’s work and then drive 100Km to Co. Cavan, blaring music and singing at the top of my lungs and sure enough thinking of what I’m going to wear to a 21st party tomorrow night! (Duh?.. I’m a girl! What do you expect!!)

But sure look, every now and again, we need to treat ourselves, right? So I’ve gathered a great array of bars which might just do the trick. I’ve embraced not only the cobbles of Harcourt St, but other student hot-spots across Ireland such as; Galway, Sligo, Dublin and Cork!

To kick-start, we have Galway!


Galway is famous for being a 7 nights a week City, and even more famous for its live music scene and relaxed atmosphere. If that’s what you’re looking for?! But all students know that Galway is a great place for.. a Supermacs!! ..All Hail Marty The Bouncer!.. But before you hit Supermac’s why not hit a few of these great bars.

  • The Hole In The Wall – Personal Favorite
  • Fibber McGee’s
  • The Skeff
  • McSwiggans
  • The College Bar

Secondly, we have Sligo! 


Word can’t describe how unreal Sligo’s nightlife is! Not once have I turned down a night to have “a few” sociable’s with the girls. From the craic in The Brewery to a rave in Pure, I can promise you you’ll have an epic night in Sligo. Here my Top Five.. Pubs For Students in Sligo..

  • The Brewery
  • The Leitrim – Cheap & Cheerful
  • Shenanigans
  • Swagmans
  • The Snug

Next we have.. Dublin!


The capital of Ireland, and the capital of socialising! Simply, Dublin has it all, what ever scene you want, Dublin had it. But for students, you’re spoiled for choice, starting with..

  • Capitol Lounge – Great (Cheap) Cocktails 
  • Cassidy’s
  • Captain Americas
  • Quinn’s
  • Whelan’s

Last but not least, Cork!


Cork is Dublin’s little sister when it come to nightlife, the same electric atmosphere, just on a smaller scale! Which means no taxi’s needed, which means, saving money.. Yeeahhyy! My Top Five… Student Bars in Cork are…

  • Havana Browns
  • McCarthy’s
  • The Bailey
  • An Bróg – Beer Pong on a  Tuesday 
  • Crane Lane


So lads, that’s a wrap! I hope I’ve given you enough info for the coming weekend! Remember now, drink sociably, drink sensibly! 


Feel you have experienced something worthy of Top Five… In Ireland? Send them our way, we are always looking for new ideas and your personal opinions. Or if you’re looking for a specific Top Five… In Ireland, catch us on Twitter and share your experience.

I know my bars, but I also know my education. For more information please visit,

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