Top Five… Inspirations for Halloween Costumes!

scary lady


So mid weeks blues have set in I’m cold and would die for a Irish coffee!!!

The only thing that is keeping me sane is the idea of a three-day weekend. That’s right it is a Bank Holiday Weekend! ALL HAIL THE THREE DAY WEEKEND!!!


So this weekend I believe is one of the best weekends of the year, it combines Halloween, with the Irish tradition of (sensible) Sunday drinking. It’s the time of the year where you can wear whatever you want and nobody says a word! A time when everyone brings out their inner child, with ridiculous costumes, smudged face-paint and horrendous wigs! You will see a variety of sexy cats, old grannies, and then there will be the “all-or-nothing” people! these are people who live for this time of the year and put their lives on hold in the hopes of designing the Best Halloween Costume Ever!!!

So I thought it would be a great idea to help your imagination run that little bit wilder over the next 8 days. How you ask? By showing you some of the most epic Halloween costumes of all time of course!!!

Up first we have one of the more simpler costumes but my god is it effective!? It’s a “kidnapping costume” this spectacular illusion is pure genius and is soo simple it is shocking!

Epic Halloween Costumes

Secondly, we have one of the best families in the world dressed in the best family costumes! This clever clan I have to say went all out on their Beetle Juice costumes making this one of the best family costumes of all time!

beetle juice

My personal favorite now, a homemade Minion costume, which is worn by the cutest child everrrr. This kid has hit the jackpot this Halloween by one having an amazing costume and secondly by becoming an internet sensation overnight with his “I’m okay!” caption! Give this kid a round of applause!

Thirdly, we have a brilliant take on the old school classic a  toy solider! Who doesn’t want to submerge themselves in green paint?

Epic Halloween Costumes

Up next, we have another personal favorite! One which requires a group of friends of course it’s the Roller Coaster Riders. This terrific idea is ideal for large groups and is sure to grab some attention!



Lastly,  we have one for the ladies! Remember all those years ago when you saw the most beautiful princess costume ever but your mam wouldn’t buy it for you? Well girls it’s your time to shine and no better way other than glistening like Elsa!


So hopefully you have gathered some ideas for Friday week! ..Anyways, we would love love love to see some of your costumes so send then to us, on @Eduireland.

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