Top Five… Places to Visit in Ireland

Top Five places

Right! so guys it’s week four already and I hope you are starting to settle into a routine! By now you should know the way to college like the back of your hand, so why don’t we venture a little further into the country of Ireland?  I’ve gathered together a few ideas I think you’ll like, starting with..


giants causewayThe Giants Causeway 

The Giants Causeway is one of Ireland’s most spectacular natural creations. The Causeway is situated on the North coast of Ireland in County Antrim.  This cheap and cheerful attraction is ideal for people who want to see Ireland’s hidden gems! Remember to get you pounds before you go!!

You can purchase your ticket online by visiting


Newgrange is possibly the most fascinating spectacle from ancient Ireland. Newgrange was constructed over 5,000 years ago, making it older than the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. This tour gives a real snapshot of life 5,000 years ago with its amazing detail and winter solstice. Tours can be arranged through The Brú na Bóinne Visitor Centre.

Wicklow-Gaol1[1]Wicklow Gaol 

This tour is a personal favorite of mine! It has a rawness that will send shivers down your spine as they teach you the true tales of Ireland. Throughout this tour you’ll get to see the struggles inmates had in their daily lives, meet Goal characters and witness historic event, right before your very eyes! Trips can be arranged thought the Wicklow Historic Gaol website .

glenvaghGlenveagh National Park 

IF you love the outdoors, you’ll love this pick! Glenveagh National Park is one of six national parks in Ireland, situated in the Northwest of County Donegal, famous for its many interesting plants and animals, it will have you falling in love with Ireland in seconds!

cliffs of moher The Cliffs of Moher 

“The Cliffs of Moher is Ireland’s most visited natural attraction with a magical vista that captures the hearts of up to one million visitors each year.” –  I think their website sums it up…. no words needed.

Feel you have experienced something worthy of Top Five… In Ireland? Send them our way, we are always looking for new ideas and your personal opinions, Or if you’re looking for a specific Top Five… In Ireland, catch us on Twitter and share your ideas!

For more information on countryside hot-spots and Education in Ireland visit,

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