Top Five… Things to do in DCU

Seeing as next week is reading week and not everybody will be returning home, I thought it would be a good idea to share a few ideas of things to do around DCU! (After you have finished your “reading”, of course!) I’ve been asked to give a round-up of the Top Five… Things to do in DCU. Dublin City University, is one of Dublin’s most popular colleges  with its outstanding academic reputation and famous social opportunities.

The MezzRelax in The Mezz…

The Mezz is the ideal spot to hang out in if you just want to have a chat with friends, a bite to eat or a game of pool! ..Suitable for anything really!.. With its relaxed atmosphere and comfy couch it is the ideal chill zone!

Join Clubs & Societies!

Going to college isn’t only about education (don’t tell your parents that), there’s also a social side to college, making friends, a business contact or feel a part of a community. Clubs and Socs Day is your opportunity to do just that! With over 120 Clubs & Socs to join I’m sure you will find something that you will enjoy.


Socialise in The NuBar! 

Can I just say what a great asset this is to DCU. This bar/venue has the ability to be a casual chilled hot-spot or an insane party venue. With events organised by the StudentUnion, you’ll always have a decent crowd up for the “craic”!


Catch an Act in The Helix…

What college can say they have one of Ireland’s leading conference & event venues on campus?  This multi-purpose venue has the ability to host, small stage productions to, nationally broadcasted television shows. With a variety of acts I’m sure there’s one to suit all tastes.

nubar goujons

Experience The NuBars Famous Goujon’s & Chips! YUM!

No DCU experience is complete with out a portion of the NuBar’s famous Goujon’s & Chips. Possible the best student meal in the entire world and it only costs  €5!!! .. They are so famous they even have their own Facebook page!!! (Click Here) ..BBQ or garlic mayo are also a must with these bad boys!


Feel you have experienced something worthy of Top Five… In Ireland? Send them our way, we are always looking for new ideas and your personal opinions. Or if you’re looking for a specific Top Five… In Ireland, catch us on Twitter and share your ideas!

For more information on DCU and Education in Ireland visit,

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