Top Five… Ways to Help You Study

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With exams around the corner, you time is of value from NOW until the day they finish. So use that time wisely, effectively, and  practically. These result might be the results which will get you your life-long dream job, or not! Who know? So from personal experience, it is always worthwhile to give a solid 100%!

As we all know, starting off is the hardest part so here’s a few of my Top Five.. Ways to Help You Study to kick-start the exams blues…

Make a Plan
study plan
This can take a long time, there’s only a few reasonable study hours in the day, so think this through. Make it as practical as possible, WITH breaks in between. And NEVER study after 12 at night, you need rest. Once finished, stick to it!!

Reward Yourself
Studying can take its toll. It is very important to reward yourself for your hard work, but only if you deserve it! Something on the line of a tub of Ben & Jerry’s or a trip to the cinema would make a great treat. Always pick something that wont have a knock on effect for the next day. Oh, and study on Sundays are forbidden, unless your exams on the Monday!

 Mix it up on Where You Study
study at home
Where you study can have a major effect on how well you study, so mix it up a little! Rotate your place of study every few day, at home, in the library, or with friends. It can be shocking how much of a difference it can make.

Draw Diagrams
diagrams study
Drawing diagrams can be an excellent way to trigger your memory in an exam, so while studying doodling down a few sketches and mind-maps can be every useful!

Eat Power Foods
food study
Eating correctly is another key factor to studying! Get rid of the red bull and crisps, replace them with water and fruit. Fish, nuts, and olive oil, so basically all things high in Omega 3’s are brain foods. (A little secret, cocoa is super food!! So dark chocolate has a similar effect, but make sure it’s over 70% cocoa.)

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