Top Five.. Places to Eat Chicken Wings in Dublin

Week two guys, and what better way to start a Wednesday morning than discussing the Top Five.. Places to Eat Chicken Wings in Dublin! It’s the middle of the week, and the weekend is so close but yet so far, so why not treat yourself to a midweek feast! And surely no feast is complete without some delicious chicken wings! So here our Top Five Places to Eat Chicken Wings in Dublin..

Elephant and castle chicken Wings

Elephant And Castle 

Renowned for its chicken wings, Elephant and Castle is one of the most sought after restaurants for chicken wings in the Dublin vicinity. These buffalo are covered with their divine spicy sauce and traditionally served with there old companions blue cheese and celery. With its central local and outstanding reputation, you would be mad to miss out on this experience.


Blues bar, chicken wings

Blue Bar

Blue Bar located on the beautiful seafront in Skerries, is a personal favorite for me! Their succulent buffalo wing’s are serves in their very own secret spicy sauce. These wings along with a side dip of garlic mayonnaise, can only be simply described as heavenly!

TriBeCa chicken wings


TriBeCa is renowned for ENORMOUS portions of chicken wing. Not only famous for the their quantity but also quality!! These amazing chicken wings will have you dreaming of your next trip TriBeCa (there that good I promise you will want to return).



Simply amazing chicken wings, if you love chicken in general you’ll Crackbird! The homemade drinks are to die for too!! Simply a must try.


The goblet

The Goblet 

The Goblet located in the heart of Artane, is well-known for their Hot Louisiana and BBQ Sauce chicken wings. These chicken wings (I promise) are definitely worth the short bus journey from the City Center!


Feel you have experienced something worthy of Top Five… In Ireland? Send them our way, we are always looking for new ideas and your personal opinions. Or if you’re looking for a specific Top Five… In Ireland, catch us on Twitter and share your ideas!


As you can see we know our chicken wings, but we also know our education! For more information visit,


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