Ireland’s First Technological University – TU Dublin


From the very first day of 2019 this innovative and dynamic technological sector will be characterised by a smaller number of institutions, but with a greater variety of scale and scope.

– Dr Joseph Ryan CEO of the Technological Higher Education Association

On January 1st 2019, Dublin Institute of Technology, Blanchardstown Institute of Technology and Tallaght Institute of Technology joined and merged together to become Ireland’s very first Technological University.

Ireland’s newest University has been named ‘Technological University Dublin’ or ‘TU Dublin’ for short. Despite its relative infancy, TU Dublin is actually now Ireland’s largest University with a record 28,500 students and 3,000 staff across their 3 campuses. The University will be located on three campuses at Grangegorman, Blanchardstown and Tallaght.

The move is very welcomed by current students of the Technological Institutions, as they will now become the first graduates of the first Technological University in Ireland. TU Dublin offers their students an inclusive and open learning experience with pathways to graduation, from Apprenticeship to PhD and the ability to learn in a practice-based environment informed by the latest research and enabled by technological advances. The unique learning environment will consist of smaller class sizes that ensure students are able to fully involve themselves in group work and projects. 

“TU Dublin students will be socially responsible, open-minded global thinkers who are ambitious to change the world for the better. As graduates, they will be enterprising and daring in all their endeavours, ready to play their part in transforming the future.”

TU Dublin

There are a number of Scholarships available to new students hoping to study at TU Dublin:

The first appointed president of the new organisation is Prof David FitzPatrick, who has moved from his position as Dean of Engineering at UCD to become the forefront of the national movement to innovate the technological sector. Institutes of technology and emerging technological universities are now the core of the governments National Development Plan, Project 2040.

TU Dublin will become the leader and beacon of the Technological Sector, as slowly but surely the other Institutes evolve and join together. With the next hopeful technological universitys being Technological University for the South-East (TUSE)Munster Technological University (MTU)Connacht Ulster Alliance (CUA).


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